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I'm originally from Delhi. I studied to be a Air Hostess (no, I don't have the real uniform but I can find one for you if you like) and then decided I wanted to travel. I love to keep myself in shape and I do this with dance classes and clubbing and of course I expect my man of the moment to help keep me trim.

I love romance and flowers and long walks in the park on a Sunday. I love my Fraend and I miss her so much because she's being looked after back in Hyderabad Escorts.

You can see I look after my body, I have pretty little tits don't you think? You must like that or you wouldn't be reading this I guess, so I'm glad I didn't follow everyone's advice and get them changed.

I'm just going to be me and hope that's enough for you.

Please call me anytime to book a meeting. You can come here or I'll travel to see you. Either way I hope it's soon Call Mis. Poul : : 9821961695

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